Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tagged by wei wen

Tag 10 human :

2.jackie aka yun kit
3.Daniel aka cheng yan
5.kazuma aka chrismen
6.penis alphard aka Zhoy
7.Bear bear
8.mong shyang
10.zell aka jia tern

Why you tagged him/her as number one
~KF~coz he no update his blog for long time...

Do you met number 2 before?
~Jackie~of coz i seen him...

What will you talk when you meet number 3?
~Daniel~yo!long time no see...

What is the relationship of number 4 & 5?
~jason & kazuma~they r good pals...

What is number 6 favourite singer?
~Zhoy~erm...i donno...

What is number 7 favourite TV Show?
~bear bear~CSI series gua...

Do you talk with number 8?
~mong~of coz got la but long time no see juz contact through phone...

How does number 9 look like?
~TK~he ah,i think quiet ok la...

Who is number 10's lover?
~zell~i cant say...^^

Which numbers are couples?
i tagged de all is boy...but i think KF might be interested be a couples wif boy...^^

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